Farm fresh beef, lamb and pork available to order, cut and vacuum packed, with free local delivery or farm collection.

Depending on the weight:

½ a lamb costs approximately £75-£85

⅟₈ of a cow costs approximately £150-£180

If you don’t have room in the freezer for a whole box, why not split it with friends, family or neighbours?

Contact us to place an order or for more information.

Wooden carved Daylands Farm sign

Fruit & Veg

We grow approximately 6 acres of vegetables and fruit which we sell at the local Farmers' Markets.

We plant, sow, weed, hoe and pick all by hand, a backbreaking but satisfying all year round job. From carrots, parsnips, broccoli and beetroot to squash, celeriac and beans of all sorts; from jostaberries and blackcurrants to rhubarb, blueberries and pears.

Picking is done the day before market, so you can be assured is the freshest possible and with low food miles.

You can also come on one of our Pick It Cook It days and learn how to preserve, cook or prepare some of our produce.

Farmers Market farm sign with fruit and veg


We grow a variety of flowers which we cut and sell at the local Farmers' Markets. Daffodils, Sweet Williams, Zinnias, Gladioli, Chrysanthemums to name a few, it’s a beautiful sight in the field and great to be able to buy locally grown, freshly cut flowers.

We can also supply flowers for parties, weddings or any occasion, please contact us for seasonal availability and information.

Flowers in the field Flowers in the back of the van at farmers market

Preserves & Things

From the wide variety of produce we grow, and that which is available in the wood and hedgerows, we also produce jams, jellies, fresh vegetable stock, syrups, pesto, ketchups and other preserves; all of which you can buy at the Farmers' Markets.

Other Seasonal Produce

We grow Christmas trees (from 2 foot to 40 foot), available to order, at Farmers' Markets in December or as Pick-Your-Own on Sunday mornings in December from 10am-1pm.

We also make Christmas wreaths and holly bunches.

Christmas trees growing in a field