The Farm

Daylands Farm is surrounded by woodland and with a boundary along the Honeybridge Stream. We farm about 120 Acres and are tenants of Wiston Estate. We have been tenants here for years. Our farm is ideal for conservation as the fields and wooded areas are small, with many hedgerows and a lake dug in 1991 for wildlife, and stocked with coarse fish.

Cows in a field crowding round

We have a herd of suckler cows with their calves, a flock Charolais sheep and a few pigs. Silage and hay are grown to feed the cattle and sheep in winter, when they can’t graze in the fields, and we grow vegetables and flowers; to sell to local businesses such as pubs, restaurants and farm shops.

Farmhouse on the horizon, from the fishing lake

Daylands is unique and we like to share it; for study, for walks, occasional cream teas, foraging and camping. Visiting groups include schools, youth groups and conservation volunteers, who can help with projects such as coppicing and hedge-laying.

Farming is a way of life for us, a very busy life certainly but also a very fulfilling one.